Tough Civil Rights Litigation Representation

Police officers are not above the law. They must follow and uphold the United States and New York Constitutions when arresting those accused of crimes. Unfortunately, too many police officers cross the line between enforcing the law and abusing their power. A civil rights violation at the hands of a police officer can be terrifying. Actions of police misconduct can leave lasting personal injury and psychological trauma. You may feel angry or humiliated. Steven E. Lynch is an aggressive defender of his clients' civil rights. He can advocate for clients for the following types of civil rights violations:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Excessive force
  • False arrest and false imprisonment
  • Wrongful incarceration

If you have suffered police misconduct, false arrest, excessive force, or a violation of your civil rights, you should take action. Prosecutors and police departments often fail to hold police officers accountable for their misconduct. Steven E. Lynch, a civil rights lawyer practicing in New York, is prepared to fight for you. Mr. Lynch has in-depth experience pursuing civil rights claims for victims of police misconduct. He helps you decide how to seek justice.

A Proud Defender Of Your Civil Rights

Victims of police misconduct often feel physically and personally violated. After many years as a criminal defense attorney, Steven has witnessed the lasting effects of unfair treatment by police officers. Victims of police brutality experience painful injuries, costly medical bills, humiliation and fear. Steven advocates for justice for individuals who have been discriminated against and mistreated by law enforcement.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your Case

Steven E. Lynch will offer an honest evaluation of your case. Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest, Steven will help you determine if a civil suit will be the next best step. Contact the office today in New York City at 212-571-7036 or fill out our confidential online contact form. Se habla Español.